ZiscoERP v4.0.5 – Powerful HR, Accounting, CRM System free download , the template has easy scrolling effects that provide you a creative appear. You can use this template as an on-line shop to market wines, bars things, wine Eyeglasses, etcetera. it is totally suitable with complete width and boxed width design.

ZiscoERP v4.0.5 – Powerful HR, Accounting, CRM System Free

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ZiscoERP – Powerful HR system, accounting, CRM system is a complete solution for human resources with payroll, vacation and 3 types of attendance system and much more.you can get All In One using this system

Sales and transactions matter and Project Manager With Billing accounting CRM in several ways:

Project management

You can easily track your project by adding comments, attachments, tasks, bugs, milestones, private and public notes, project invoices, time management and track your business in most features if you can set your goal to complete your project with a start and end date with impressive wise progress. just create it nothing to work everything manages it. not only that you can export and import projects.

Invoice management

You can easily create and manage invoices with more than 6 payment gateways. You can set up this invoice by resorting, you can send overdue invoice, payments, invoice payment reminder refund problem and much more.

Import option

You can import your CSV or excel file in the following menu


2. Expenditure



5. Lead


Sales and Transactions Matter and Project Manager with CRM Pro Billing Accounting in several ways:

Track leads in one place and easily track their progress.

Create good-looking proposals for leads or customers and increase sales.

Record the expenses of your company and you have the possibility to bill your customers and automatically convert them into invoice.

Learn more about your customers with a powerful CRM.

Use the goal tracking feature to keep sales goals in mind.

Create professional, good-looking quotes and invoices.

Powerful support system with the ability to automatically import tickets and leads

Custom fields can store extra information for customers, leads, deposit, project, and more.

Follow-up, reports, notes, files and many other features.

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