Turning a Historic Club into a Cash Cow: The Story of Manchester United & The Glazers Goals Core

30 April 2021 - 4:21 pm

Turning a Historic Club into a Cash Cow: The Story of Manchester United & The Glazers

Bridle out RISC Imaginative and prescient right here: RISC Imaginative and prescient’s Web site: Glazers, house owners of Manchester United, are controversial figures since taking on the membership in 2005. and Ed Woodward will speed the soccer facet of issues for a very very long time, in line with some. With the ameliorate of RISC Imaginative and prescient, we’ll take an in-depth dive into Manchester United’s funds, debt, dividend funds and extra. Combine this channel to entry privileges: Succeed me on TWITTER:

And on INSTAGRAM: Uphold the channel with Rabona TV merchandise: SOURCES: Ed Woodward of Man Utd: The man behind the Glazer pecuniary blueprint: £ 511 million debt however lots of dividends: Glazers’ tradition at Manchester United: Avram Glazer’s shares Cashing reveals the veracity: Private revenue earlier than headlines: Manchester United handles debt by fluctuating Inside Manchester United (MANU) on the Fresh York Inventory Change: How Homeowners Borrowed So Mighty: Manchester United IPO Modifications Glassmakers Are Richer and Followers Angrier Manchester United Public Provide: Historical past Says Don ‘t Glazer’s acquisition – timeline: The Athletic: The Glazers Glazer household loans debt £ 716m Manchester United: Glazers milky Manchester United £ 15m dividend and soccer quiet: Manchester United SEC Submitting: #MUFC #EPL .

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  1. Great analysis. Woodward & the Glazers are disgusting people not only for their contempt for MUFC, but the Super League arrogance. If there is any justice, Woodward will somehow lose his legally gained but morally stolen wealth. The Glazers….just a family of opportunist yankee snake oil salesman.

  2. You said man u not been debt since 1931 if look at it man u been debt from 1983 sold on UK stock market when need more money they just sold more shares as stand man u owed 500 million to stock market in UK that is debt that glazers paid for then ok

  3. Even though we get labelled with the we are ruining football, our owners at city and chelsea are actually liked, i agree that united have been leeched by the glazers, its weird to think a club as big as man utd being in so much debt.

  4. This is a load of bollocks. There is no mention of the falling out Fergie had with the Irishmen, or their involvement in selling their shares to Glazer over the Rock of Gibraltar. If you are going to make a video about leveraged takeover, tell the whole story and get your facts right.

  5. I still remember a statement of the investors boasting that the commercial revenue will not be affected by football performance because the customer base is solid and stable. The football of the future will be of the countries Qatar-City, UAE-PSG, terrorist groups and millionaires like Abramovich looking for diplomatic impunity and shelter for dubious money

  6. Really clear and concise overview of the position they've found themselves in. Looks like one of the world's greatest clubs is being asked to operate – on the field at least – with one hand tied behind its back. Can't see the Glazers relinquishing their position any time soon either, they seem to have much to gain and very little to lose by hanging on.

  7. Impressive financial statement analysis! The only additional contextual detail I think should have been added is that only a handful of clubs (or less) are actually breakeven or in the black since COVID started.

  8. This video forgets to say that the rot started with the greed of Martin Edwards who mismanaged his family inheritance including Manchester United, so floated the club on the stock market to make a fortune for himself. As soon as any company goes public, they are open to aggressive predators buying up shares bit by bit. That’s exactly what the Glazers did. If Martin Edwards had respected his inherited family ownership of United and had kept it, or only sold it to a trusted individual who had the best interests of the club at heart, none of this would have happened.

  9. Time for football fans to hurt these Glazer Billionaires. They are a major alcohol distributor in North America (under the name Glazers) so have a look at the brands they represent and make a choice of conscience.

  10. Just be careful Man Utd Fans look what happened to Glasgow Rangers a massive wealthy club sold to an asset stripping individual who destroyed the club with massive debts including the Tax Man never invested a penny and ran it into the ground.

  11. Why would anyone buy olayers for 100 to 150 million euros. Messi or Not; those players don't deserve more than 10 – 20 million. And why would they ?

    Use 100 million to train 50 world class footballers instead. You throw money at these so called pros; who at best are worse than noobs during an injury. And they get injured a lot.

    Take Barcelona. Haven't won league since 2015; yet paid over 5 billion euros in salaries. Why? For 5 billion; you could pick any town in Europe; build an army of Messi.

    Fk these pros. They are too greedy and too much lust for money fails them

  12. This video is so timely right now. Can’t imagine how much work and effort went into creating this video. Thanks so much and everyone reading this PLEASE SHARE the link to help the fight in getting our club back.

    Keep up the great work 👍

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