Real Madrid reaction against Elche: Karim Benzema saves the lucky Zinedine Zidane | ESPN FC

19 April 2021 - 8:12 am

Real Madrid vs. Elche reaction: Karim Benzema rescues lucky Zinedine Zidane | ESPN FC

Karim Benzema scored a formidable added-time winner as Real Madrid’s pursuit of main Atletico Madrid was resurrected with a 2-1 earn over Elche. ESPN FC’s Janusz Michallik joins Token Donaldson to recapitulate a “lucky” earn for Zinedine Zidane’s workforce. Subscribe to #ESPNFC #LaLiga #RealMadrid ESPN UK: Succeed ESPN UK on a number of platforms:


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  1. Remember the lesson of Benzema kids. No matter how good you are, don't be a toxic teammate & a pos off the field. Or no one will want you to play for the international squad & you'll cry about it every year, like Benz.

  2. Penaldo sucks without modric benzema Kross madrid so much better without penaldo they won 2 laligas in 10 years without him got lucky in 9 match champion league

  3. Real Madrid as an underdog in UCL trully makes them really dangerous. Literally no pundits in the world vote for them in last 10 years but Real manage to be in finals. I like this feel. No hope for Real but the last laugh is from whom lifting the Cup.

  4. This is not a good sign for Real Madrid in the Long term. I mean if we continue play like this we will get absolutely destroyed by bigger teams in the UCL or even relegated in the group stage

  5. Zidane had to rest his midfield duo for Atalanta on tuesday, these pundits sit on a chair and criticize a manager for rotating his squad and they would also criticize him for not, Zidane made the necessary chances and won the game why not start from there?

  6. You make your own luck bro. Luck is a word use to take away from you improvising or finding a way through even when it looks like it’s not gonna happen.loser mentality is saying you didn’t do the work but a word did. anyways we move on

  7. Why every win the team get you guys say its luck listen you all need to respect the big club in the wrong and its manager zidi…. we are going to win la Liga and going to try win the champions league I'm sure we will be going to the finals.

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