Newcastle United Takeover Still On ? Goals Core

13 June 2021 - 12:43 am

Newcastle United Takeover Still On ?

The continuation of the headline within the Day by day Mail this morning that the crown prince of Saudi Arabia contacted Boris Johnson asking the federal government to take steps to take over the Newcastle United Soccer Membership.

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  1. This is a pure and simple case of modern day corruption. Isn’t corruption illegal? The PL are only interested in the clubs that provide them with marketing revenue with the “top 6” giving sly backhanders to the PL to “block” a very legitimate sale regardless of the background that is of no concern to modern day football. We care about a club that wants to achieve and the Ashley era as we all know has been disastrous! But it’s ok for other clubs to be brought or sold . Take Burnley for example they got bought out with their own money! How has that passed the fit and proper persons test?! I hope this gets resolved soon and we can start chasing that apple cart!

  2. With the FFP rules and regs now in place it would be very difficult for the Toon to compete for the league or trophies however they could do that over the course of the seasons. We already have the resources to complete higher in the league as you know just that's not the ambition. I think the whole thing stinks of clubs and the apple cart of the premier league not wanting Newcastle to compete with them

  3. If what they say about human rights is true, why do British companies continue to sell in Saudi Arabia?
    Why is the British government running to get new contracts?
    Human rights are just a slogan they raise to achieve their hidden goals
    In fact, they don't want to see Newcastle competing with the big clubs in Europe and pulling the rug out from under their feet.
    Becoming the largest investment fund to put its money in Newcastle is upsetting to them

  4. This could go against the takeover though tbh. If the pif are trying to prove they have nothing to do with the Saudi royal family and then the Crown Prince is getting involved with Boris it makes it look like the pif and the Crown prince are tied together. I hope the takeover happens but I don't think this kooks as good as people think.

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