melbourne cockatoo dropping pot plants، On the path of Australia's naughtiest cockatoo – video Sean Dooley, the nationwide public affairs supervisor at Birdlife Australia, stated he’s by no means seen a cockatoo drop a pot plant earlier than,.

melbourne cockatoo dropping pot plants photos

The Metropolis of Melbourne is encouraging constructing managers and residents to take away pot plants and some other sources of meals from balconies to keep away from attracting wild birds. It's understood the council didn't know this incident occurred and would converse with native residents to see if it was an ongoing concern.

melbourne cockatoo dropping pot plants

A sulphur-crested cockatoo has gone viral for sending pot plants hurtling off an house balcony in Melbourne’s CBD. Within the video posted to TikTok and Instagram by the meme web page Brown.

A video posted to a well-liked meme web page confirmed a cockatoo dropping pot plants from an house balcony onto the laneway under – one plant is proven bouncing off an awning and slamming right into a parked van. The hilarious footage has been seen about 1.5 million between Brown Cardigan’s Instagram and TikTok accounts.