major gas leak cumbernauld، Wardpark Industrial Property in Cumbernauld (Picture: Google) Schools and companies have been evacuated after fears of a major gas leak in North Lanarkshire. Considerations have been raised at round.

major gas leak cumbernauld ma

Major gas leak sparks evacuations as fireplace crews race to ‘worrying’ scent Zoe Phillips Printed: 11:41, 28 Nov 2022 Up to date: 14:12, 28 Nov 2022 BUILDINGS have been evacuated in a Scots city.

major gas leak cumbernauld

An exclusion zone in Cumbernauld has been lifted after a major gas leak was repaired. Earlier gas distribution firm SGN closed the city's Lye Brae and requested folks within the exclusion.

A major evacuation has been carried out in Cumbernauld over fears of a suspected gas leak after locals reported a ‘scent' throughout the city. The alarm was raised on Monday morning after.