how to get spotify wrapped، When you nonetheless cannot discover your Wrapped in any respect, it is potential you have not used Spotify sufficient to generate adequate information to create a customized recap. For customers to be eligible for Wrapped,.

how to get spotify wrapped statistics

The story of your yr with Spotify. Wrapped is a deep dive into the music and podcasts that outlined your 2022. Hold listening to what you're keen on, and we’ll shout when it’s prepared. Till then, revisit the 2021 hub. Hear now Enroll free.

how to get spotify wrapped

When your Wrapped expertise is prepared, you will notice a Wrapped card on the homepage of your Spotify app. It's going to have your identify and the textual content: ” Your 2022 Wrapped is prepared “. Faucet on this and can take you thru your 2022 insights. 3 Photographs