EasyPlex – Movies v1.5 – Live Streaming free download , the template has easy scrolling effects that provide you a creative appear. You can use this template as an on-line shop to market wines, bars things, wine Eyeglasses, etcetera. it is totally suitable with complete width and boxed width design.

EasyPlex – Movies v1.5 – Live Streaming Free

EasyPlex – Movies – Live Streaming – TV Series, Anime – Both Laravel and Android APP canceled

EasyPlex is one of the complete video streaming applications: video streaming.

CREATE YOUR PLATFORM IN A FEW MINUTES EASYPLEX EASYPLEX is a multipurpose platform of rnovie and TV series and Streaming and Anime. Can be used to build your platform you can import movie information easily with powerful adrrnin panel and Player, the app showing Android best practices with Google recommended architecture: MVVM, offline support, Android architecture components , Dagger 2, RxJava 2 and Retrofit 2.

  • MVVM with the components of the Android architecture
  • Dagger 2 for addiction injection
  • Clean code
  • Automatic import Movie & Series & Next Information
  • Powerful admin panel with VueJs
  • Easy to renew
  • Material design.
  • Optimized user interface for phone and tablet
  • App support Movies, Series, Streaming, Anime
  • Interstitial Admob
  • Facebook audience network
  • Powerful user interface: Beautiful and modern design.
  • Registration page – Ability to register a new account.
  • Login page –Possibility for users to log in
  • Search page – Added the ability to search for videos
  • Toast and notices – Added the ability to view Alerts, Toast, Hits, Errors, Uploads and more.
  • Paypal road toll booth
  • Privacy Policy Page
  • Who we are Page
  • Research Page
  • Genres Page
  • My list Page
  • Only wifi (ON OFF)
  • Notifications (ON / OFF)
  • Automatic playback – (ON OFF) Play the next medium (movie or episode)
  • Subtitles
  • Preview of the trailer

Features of the admin panel (PHP Laravel):

  • VueJS Framework
  • Statistical Dashboard (MovieSeriesLive TV)
  • Add, Edit, Update, Delete Movie
  • Add, Edit, Update, Delete Series
  • Add, Edit, Update, Delete Live TV
  • Add or upload media files (Movie, Series, Live TV)
  • Settings (ON OFF) Subtitles
  • Settings (ON OFF) Admob banner and interstitial
  • Settings (ON OFF) Interstitial Facebook audience and banner
  • Settings (ON OFF) souls
  • User Management (Modify or Delete or To update or Update User)
  • Ad Manager management (Google Ad Manager, the Google AdSense networkk, or any VASTad compliant server)
  • Genre management (To add Costume Type o Grabe Auto From TMDB)
  • Quality management
  • Report (Film or Series)
  • Add, Edit, Update, Delete Seasons and episodes
  • Add, Edit, Delete Media for movies, series, LiveTV
  • Push notification
  • Upload logo – Upload the logo via a dashboard.
  • IMDB ROUTE COVER – modify the quality of the coverage path
  • Featured items – change the article numbers
  • and many others…

Password file:

Only those who have GoGoDL.com Premium package for more than 1 month will get the password.
If you have a subscription contact us by e-mail:

[email protected]o Telegram:


If you meet the requirements we will send you the password after a couple of hours.

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