CONTROVERSIAL Wilfried Zaha Interview | Will Not support BLM Goals Core

13 June 2021 - 12:42 am

CONTROVERSIAL Wilfried Zaha Interview | Will Not support BLM

On this Wilfried Zaha interview with On the Judy Podcast, he explains why he is not going to support the Black Lives Signify motion as an establishment as a result of he feels that change isn’t taking place, as a result of huge industry is not going to change. He refuses to place his designation as a attribute. He too shares his tackle the abuse Raheem Superb confronted from followers. Delight love and subscribe for extra. The unique video is in “on Judy Podcast”, they avow all rights to the interview. .

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  1. Why do black people just get a month??? That is a very good question but i also have a question why do blaxk and gay people get a month but the people who died in wars so your black a… can kick a footballl and ypu can have freedpm why dp they obly get a day where more and more ypunger generations dont even kbow what day that is. Also with the whole raciale comments from fans suck it up. Sports is a mans game and trash talk is part of the game. Like i always say during 90 minutes i will say what ever i say to attack and insult the other teams fans but when the fibale whistle blows i will then have a d4ink and become friends qith those fans and many men work like that

  2. My cousin did the same he was cruiser weight world champ(retired) and becoming a bit of a celeb and when this bs started he flipped them off and told all his fake mates at SKY he wouldnt take a knee…his Mum is Black his father is White his wife is White his kids are mixed race…how could one take a side…evil fcks and if they want a good hiding keep it up you going the right way as he has thousands of followers who would knock 10 kinds of shyte outta these people including me…#FCKBLM

  3. If you’re going to do it for the good of kicking racism out of football, great. If, like it is, it’s doing what a cult organisation (BLM) then no thanks.

    The send Raheem home, was home to England. Basically they thought he played bad. We need to have the freedom to say when players aren’t performing, with all their paid, without racism be brought into it. Although, the flight back to England was unnecessary.

  4. Black lives matter plastered everywhere is condescending if you ask me, or course they matter all lives are equal. We judge people on the content of their character, and their actions that is the cure for racism. Who cares what colour someone's skin is. respect for wilf.

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