"We Need To Be Punished For Super League Fiasco" West Ham VS Chelsea | Opposition Preview Goals Core

1 May 2021 - 9:08 am

"We Need To Be Punished For Super League Fiasco" West Ham VS Chelsea | Opposition Preview

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  1. It was refreshing hearing Louis comments from another prospective from a Chelsea fan. I think the so called top 5 plus Tottenham need to be punished more with a deduction of points. COYI

  2. Most of my mates who support Chelsea have been moaning about Bruce Buck and the money grabbing for years now. They don't like it when incredibly well paid players underperform either. Money doesn't buy you happiness boys (but it might just provide silverware occasionally). We all need to support 50+1% rule and an independent body running the game. Wages need to be capped and revenue shared fairly. Plus we need to slaughter Chelsea! COYI!

  3. This guy is fucking delusional. The 50+1 model doesn't work because the Spanish clubs are fan owned too and they were the most eager participants in the super league. Also that talk about not punishing the fans is nonsense too. Fans always get punished when a club goes into administration etc

  4. 18 points to play for ! We can do this guys , last 3 games 9 points , Burnley and Everton are pony – we can beat them , the Chelsea game really is the big one , Chelsea will suit our game ! I've been a West Ham fan since 1975 , and I've got 1986 vibes from this season , so don't worry- I'm telling you we're going into the champions league next season…. and you can take that to the bank . COYI

  5. Lewis is the very worst. And I'm not talking about this video, I'm talking generally. He does not represent Chelsea fans, and he's never interesting to listen to. And yes, I support Chelsea. If he's saying something, you know it's wrong.

  6. As sad as it is, if fans have to eat up some of the punishment, so be it. It will be for the greater good. The owners of these clubs need to know that behaviour like this will result in massive consequences if it happens again. If they just get a slap on the wrist now, it will show a sign of weakness from Fifa and Uefa and this will happen again.

  7. After our defensive disasters at Newcastle I'm very nervous for this one.I think Chelsea could do a number on us if we don't turn up here.Those players need to switch on,concentrate and be at it straight away to beat Chelsea.If they do we can do it.

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