"We lost against a very good team but I don't think we deserved it" | Jose reacts to Man Utd defeat Goals Core

30 April 2021 - 6:24 pm

"We lost against a very good team but I don't think we deserved it" | Jose reacts to Man Utd defeat

Survey Jose Mourinho’s response to Manchester United after Sunday’s Premier League defeat at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. SUBSCRIBE to make certain …

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  1. Mourinho stopped focusing and working on tactics, coaching, training and finding the right players on his last year in Real Madrid. From then on he started thinking and talking about ethics, psychology, luck, isolated mistakes even social problems. That was the death of that great manager…

  2. Jose, you need to do something … Defense not compact, midfields give shoot from distance, Kavani runs between centerbacks like in own apartment. And atack phase SO SLOW, look at Chelsea, fast, in one touch. Even Arsenal atacks faster. Our goal was after fast atack, why we cant play like this more often.

  3. Spurs need a complete change to the way they are playing josy has not got it right at spurs and yes we tried hard first half then played like kids on a Sunday afternoon well done man United if we had won all would have been different but we lost and that is that

  4. I think Jose is definitely a capable coach. However, recently, there is a big mistake. It is an unconditional appointment to Son Heung-min. Son Heung-min's pace fell sharply in the second half. That's why Tottenham lost in the second half.. In the last match against Newcastle, Son Heung-min entered the second half and tied the score. Conclusion: In the next match, put Vinisius instead of Son Heung-min. There will definitely be good results. Son Heung-min is overestimated. This summer, you must sell and buy more fighters.

  5. Tottenham and Levy itself is the problem, parasite and disease for coaches and players. Jose, Kane, Son, Dele all should leave like Bale, Eriksen, Walker, Modric, Berbatov for trophies and glories.

    Even Arsenal has managed to win several cups during their worst period.

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