Tottenham Vs Southampton [PRE-MATCH FAN SHOW] + Press Conference Goals Core

29 April 2021 - 1:32 pm

Tottenham Vs Southampton [PRE-MATCH FAN SHOW] + Press Conference

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  1. The boy is falling on the sword for Little finger Levy, but my God, what a glorious sword to Fall on. Manager of the Tottenham Spurs? I’d Jump off a 50m platform to dive on that sword. lol. Don’t feel sorry for the boy, even if he has delusions of grandeur. He’s only 29 and scribbling a lineup card for a premier league match! Imagine going out on a blind date with a 26 year old, and she asks you, “so, what do you do for a living?”. “I manage the Tottenham Spurs.” Lol.
    One for the Resume and a good tale to tell for years to come.
    Good for you Mr. Mason.
    Enjoy every moment.

    On another note. Considering the circumstances surrounding the situation, (Covid, Jose sacking, ESL controversy) I guess getting the Nod, would be similar to getting your first kiss, while standing on the deck of the titanic, realizing, the cue is long and there isn’t another life boat in sight.

    Enjoy the ride while it lasts, young man.
    And good luck.

  2. Glad this has now hit football. Awake Spurs fan. The monopoly of football was always coming. This is good in a sense that people are now realising that there are super rich family’s with no regard for anything but money. Science, technology, religion, COVID. Run and ruled by the 1%. Glad Jose has gone. Glad people are pissed off. Blessings

  3. Why are people so excited about ryan mason hes a shit coach with no experience and a daniel levy puppet also a spurs flop sacking jose 6 days before a final was a disgrace

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