Tara LaRosa: the worrying case of MMA’s ‘Arrogant Woman’ | MMA

22 January 2021 - 7:52 am

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Tara LaRosa: the worrying case of MMA’s ‘Arrogant Woman’ | MMA

On 14 November 2020, 1000’s of President Trump’s supporters flocked to the nation’s capital for a “Million Maga March” in uphold of the then-president and his baseless claims that the presidential election had been rigged. Amongst those that gathered had been the Arrogant Boys, a far-right hate group recognized for violent confrontations with left-wing demonstrators.

Dressed of their attribute Fred Perry polo shirts with hipster beards and brief, close-cropped haircuts, the Arrogant Boys made their presence often known as they vandalized traditionally Black church buildings and trashed the Black Lives Signify Plaza. By night, clashes erupted in downtown DC between the Arrogant Boys and counter protestors, whereas the police tried to several the two sides.

Amongst the most recognizable faces alongside the Arrogant Boys was Tara LaRosa, a pioneer of ladies’s combined martial arts. Wearing a yellow sweater emblazoned with the Arrogant Boys emblem and a blue bandana, LaRosa appeared on video hugging Enrique Tarrio, the chief of the Arrogant Boys, as the extremist group marched via downtown.

A number of movies later confirmed what appeared to breathe LaRosa – dressed in the identical yellow sweater – becoming a member of in clashes moving the Arrogant Boys. LaRosa denied that the girl in the video is her: “I don’t drag hair. I don’t verve untrained ladies. …and I don’t put on vests,” she wrote on Twitter.

LaRosa later posted images on companionable media whereas flashing the OK hand badge – a gesticulation utilized by some to indicate white energy. One photograph caption learn: “Yo Antifa… I’m at the Washington Monument… come get me”. Yet one more photograph confirmed her flashing the white energy badge once more whereas standing alongside a member of the Arrogant Boys.

LaRosa, 43, had lengthy been related to the Arrogant Boys. For years, the MMA fighter, who has a 22-5 skilled memoir, appeared at protests the place she challenged anti-fascists and intimidated protesters. After retiring from MMA in 2015, LaRosa started attending right-wing protests, and in 2018, she spoke at a #HimToo incident in Portland organized by a member of the far-right Patriot Prayer. She has since been a constant presence at right-wing occasions, particularly these moving the Arrogant Boys.

Shortly after Veteran’s Day in 2019, LaRosa made headlines when she pinned an anti-Trump demonstrator to the floor. The incident occurred throughout a right-wing protest on a Portland overpass, the place an unidentified girl was being attacked by a number of right-wing protesters. LaRosa, who has since claimed she didn’t witness the initiate of the combat, subdued the unidentified girl and held her down till the police arrived on scene. When the pinned girl gasped “I can’t breathe,” LaRosa replied by maxim: “I don’t concern.” No arrests had been reported in response to the incident.

LaRosa has too been recognized to unfold disinformation, Covid-19 plot theories and pro-Trump propaganda on companionable media. She as soon as tweeted a pretend record of anti-fascist activists and organizers forward of a Arrogant Boys rally in Portland. The record, which was devised on 8chan – an internet site linked to white supremacists and home terrorists and the place such teams have reportedly uploaded their manifestos – is definitely an inventory of individuals who signed an anti-Trump petition. Then, in the aftermath of the 2020 presidential election, LaRosa started pushing baseless election fraud plot theories claiming that the election had been “stolen” from Trump. Some of her tweets plane hinted at future violence.

“A courteous battle is coming,” LaRosa tweeted on election day. “I don’t know what that appears love, however put together to protect your self bodily, civilly, and digitally.”

A number of days later, LaRosa tweeted that folks ought to “purchase weapons now” after which retweeted an intimidating put up by UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal during which the Trump supporter prompt he ought to convey “a number of teammates” to rallies.

Regardless of LaRosa’s vocal uphold for the Arrogant Boys and their far-right ideology, the group has not been as avid to embrace the fighter. Whereas some loved being affiliated with an MMA fighter, others singled her out for being a girl and focused her with misogynistic feedback on-line. This turned significantly observable after LaRosa reportedly based a Arrogant Ladies offshoot of the male-only group.

Besides it seems the Arrogant Boys don’t need ladies alongside them. “Girls … we affection you however you can not breathe in Arrogant Boys,” the Arrogant Boys wrote on a number of of their encrypted companionable media channels. “Arrogant Boy’s Ladies or Arrogant Ladies are each ridiculous concepts. Fuck that. Don’t experience our coattails. Wish to uphold us? acquire married, have infants, and take concern of your loved ones.”

Whereas there seems to breathe infighting inside the Arrogant Boys almost about LaRosa and the so-called Arrogant Ladies, LaRosa continued to attend protests that featured the hate group. Earlier than the invasion of the US Capitol by a pro-Trump press earlier this month, LaRosa tweeted: “Fuck you, I’m coming to DC. Bought an issue? approach discover me.” Nevertheless, she later mentioned she didn’t enter the Capitol.

LaRosa’s peculiar affiliation with the Arrogant Boys – a bunch with an extended historical past of misogyny – will not be the first time the group has been linked to MMA and combative coaching. For a time, the Arrogant Boys had a “tactical protection arm” often known as the Fraternal Organize of Alt-Knights, led by convicted felon Kyle Chapman. The group used hand-to-hand resist in addition to weapons love knives to bombard protestors. The direct of the group was to “defend and protect our right-wing brethren” via “avenue activism, preparation, protection and confrontation.” It too claimed that violence was the solely route to rescue Western civilization from “globalism, radical Islam, and communism.”

Whereas LaRosa’s future with the Arrogant Boys stays unsafe, her presence over the previous few years is one more testomony to MMA’s insidious function inside far-right actions.

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