POST MATCH REACTION: Newcastle United 1-1 Aston Villa Goals Core

30 April 2021 - 11:27 am

POST MATCH REACTION: Newcastle United 1-1 Aston Villa

All of the motion came about within the final 10 minutes, all of the squares in St James’ Park … 🎙🎙🎙 Breathe cognizant of our newest episodes: Succeed us on Twitter:

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  1. smashed a grandfather clock once watching footie. Not in anger though, it was during Euro '96 when England went 4-1 up against Holland. Was walking past the bloody thing as we scored and i threw me hands up – fist went right through the clock face!

    Also, soaps are for 50+ housewives… Dan is right about that :}


  2. I recall a few weeks ago commenting on how much performances had declined and being told by James rushton that we can't be brilliant 'every week' and that we should be happy with how far we've come since last season. Just wondering if your ready to hold your hands up now James and face up to the issues that we have or do you still not see it?

  3. This summers transfer dealings will be crucial for Villa. With relegation not a threat we should really see what we have in some of these much vaunted youngsters like Carney Chukweumeka, Kaine Kessler and especially the 19yr old winger Jaden Philogene-Bidace. They could save us Milllions. I`m old enough to remember an 18 yr old Mark Walters forced his way into our European Champions team in 1982-83, scored our goal of the season in FA cup tie against Northampton (its on youtube) and then manager Tony Barton picked him from the start against the mighty Juventus in the European Cup quarter final 2nd leg in the Stadio Communale.

  4. Sad reality is that Smith is tactically limited . constantly Playing left footers on the right and visa versa. Watkins is crying out for a supporting striker alongside but we continue working him up front alone into the ground. Poor midfield selections. Sanson, Mcginn & nakamba should have started here. smiths limitations costing us points. Grealish coming back will just paper over the cracks.

  5. Beer tastes better out of a can because you also taste the nostalgia of being 15 years old, drinking in a bush with your mates lying about how you got off with Emma Walsh last weekend at your uncles 50th in Shrewsbury.

  6. What drives me mad is that we had a corner with 90 seconds left in the game and 45 seconds later, Lascelles is scoring on our end. Elmo should be taking 60 seconds to walk over and take that corner short and keeping it in the corner.

  7. Hi guys I love your podcasts I listen to it after most games I totally agree with you by the way about not being too down about this result….we was defensively very solid as usual until the last 2/3 minutes of the game I thought but lack of creativity obviously upfront….. I think a draw was the right result overall but I just couldnt believe how in the last minute of added time we didnt just hoof it up and see it out…. I say this all the time good teams are good teams and higher than us because they would of seen out a 1-0 win but oh well cheers lads utv x

  8. While McGinn is being used as a 6, he'll never be the player we once knew. He should be in Barkley's role and we should use Nakamba and Dougie and 6s behind him… why not ay

  9. Love the show and channel, I like a bit of nonsense and a laugh too. I do think we're getting a lot though at d mo. More non villa talk than villa talk. Maybe others feel different but I mainly tune in to hear villa opinions. Not trying to be a prick as I do enjoy the show, just my opinion.

  10. Ollie Watkins is doing others work – it’s other lazy bastards that need a rocket.. carrying players is killing us so Smith should throw the kids in we’re safe so do it . Our main players not in form is the problem McGinn as an example.

  11. Before the injury jack was poor.. Southgate was right . Buck stops with the management team.. counter attack is all we have and carrying players is fucking us. For a while we have been shite. Keeper has saved us over n over.

  12. How much money have we spent ?remember this is a business the owners dont give 2 fooks about smith being a villa fan! wrong team selection again 4 dickheads on the sideline having a mothers meeting again and cant come up with a plan b .for me smith is lucky we have grealish

  13. People knock the pundits and I am guilty of knocking them too but when it really boils down to it I can’t help but agree we are a one man team , watching villa the last 3 weeks we lack so much creativity without him , good players win matches great players win leagues he’s too good for us and if he’s got sense he will leave in the summer , kills me to say it but I’m not a thickle fan , what a player jack is , it just shows now

  14. Only we could get 1 point out of 6 against relegation fodder, we are useless against teams that sit back, having two bang average wingers and no premier league level striker on the bench doesnt help

  15. It’s embarrassing how clueless we are without Jack. Even still you get yourself 1-0 up and have the ball with 30 seconds to go and still end up conceding. Embarrassing game management. Been poor since the turn of the year. Burnley x2, Brighton x2, Sheffield, Newcastle and even Southampton games we’ve looked miles off it.

  16. We never play to a strikers strengths. Watkins is not a target man. He is a run behind the defenders with a ball over the top man. Give him something to run for instead!
    The last 20 mins or so, we did do much better in terms of stretching the play etc.
    Also. Sanson will be the link man when grealish is back.

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