"GREED OVER HISTORY!" Liverpool fan won't give club another penny if European Super League happens Goals Core

29 April 2021 - 10:44 am

"GREED OVER HISTORY!" Liverpool fan won't give club another penny if European Super League happens

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visitor comments ( 49 )

  1. I'm going to be honest. I'm going to still support my team and watch the games. It rather watch an ESL than the reviewed proposals of the champions League. Don't want to see any more Deadwood teams being added. Eventually it will happen one way or another.

  2. We keep pointing the finger of greed at these clubs instead of these mercenary football players that are ruining the game with their high

    wage demands. Have a tier of earnings that is consistent for the game. If a play is world-class he can expect a certain amount and no more.

    It is that players and their agent ruining the game with their money-grabbing. These clubs have to find a way to make money or they bust.

    Simple as that. This Superleague is a byproduct of the greed that already exist in football. You can't pay Garth Bale £600k a week and think

    you can get away with it for too long.

  3. This started in 2005 when FA and PL deemed Woodward and the Glazeers fit and proper during their takeover of united. Make no mistake this is a power struggle for money . UEFA aren’t on the side of the fans they just don’t want to lose their biggest assets/clubs.
    The fans have very little impact on this but are these 12 clubs behaving as greedy pigs or is it FIFA,UEFA and PL?
    I think both and the lost are the fans.

  4. The objection is quite simple… the Man. United fans want Man. United to be an English football team and not an European Football Franchise.
    I can't wait for the relocation of Man. United to Tokyo under their new Franchise name Tokyo Red Devils…
    This is what you'll get with franchise football 🤷‍♂️

  5. For me this is same as saying at Olympics okay to top big countries who give most money and have most medals in the history for Olympics . They have first right on finales spot for the medales in athletics, and get the according prize, tv, merchandise money with it. So they can become richer more powerful and rest open spots will be fillers from like small countries. Which the Top Countries will decide who those filler will be. They will still hold running trails doesn't matter like american runner falls in first round is eliminated, He will be pick uped in finale anyway and rest just run and play as fillers. Too bad for rivalry between smaller countries doesn't matter anymore cause you're not in the final. Only The Top Countries Money,Power,history matter.

  6. Simon Jordan plays both sides: constantly advocating red-in-tooth-and-claw free market capitalism but at the same time seeming to wring his hands over too much money in football. I suspect his true position is closer to the first than the second.

  7. Won’t be watching my beloved chelsea tonight either. Nothing against the manager or my players as they’re both innocent. I’m just not giving my club the satisfaction of television viewing. Absolutely disgusted foreign owners trying to change our beautiful game. Shame on them all.

  8. This ESL idea is idiotic. Have they really thought about the reality of what will happen. The same problems that proper football clubs experience will be transposed from one league to ESL. The ESL clubs with the most money who want the best players will always pay even bigger wages, pay even greater transfer bills, pay even more to agents causing EVEN MORE debt at greater cost to supporters. Perez says he wants to save football, all hes doing is creating a pirate league with a greater perpensity for club debt with zero focus on competition. Its exponetial, a positve correlation between success and money spent. ESL will make the same finacial mistakes but many, many times more costly.

  9. India,China , Australia,Middle East ,America – these would be huge market for ESL and even though, life long supporters will stop supporting, they will not have any impact ..I hope ESL does not go ahead indeed ( I am Indian btw,but,I know the history of the clubs and what it means to the locals )

  10. He is either completely missing the point or being deliberately provocative. There is already a “European super league” with a “competitive format”. It’s called the champion’s league. We also have the europa league. If you take away the closed format you’re just left with exactly what we have now.

  11. Have a super league but hold it once every 3 years. “Big Clubs” get extra revenue and there’s still some form of novelty. And players will be less worn out from the extra matches too. Big Players who have “won it all” such as Ronaldo and Messi have new motivation as well and will be motivated to stay on with their respective clubs. Ofc this super league should have its own “relegation system” such that only the top 20 teams in the world qualify every 3 years. (Or a qualifying metric based on past 3 years performance in the champions league). Win for clubs, win for fans.

  12. Support the club don’t support the owners with your cash. Eventually when they cannot operate or fail. Then new owners will come in.
    If this is their approach then we need new owners for our clubs.

  13. Is this a method of putting the worst possible scenario out there and then watering it down to what they want. So everyone is then happier we didn’t opt for the worst for our clubs.
    Replace the CL with the ESL which is competitive and controlled by UEFA and fifa.

  14. The problen is that the British football supporter is in a minority here, this league is setting out to appeal to a wider global market of billions of fans, not necessarily interested in one team, but betting on a game, be it goals, corners and throw ins, that is what is controlling and driving this.

  15. Funny how people complain it’s about the money (instead of the fans!), like it hasn’t been for decades. It’s okay when the money buys international players so your club is more successful so it… makes more money.

  16. I'm a city fan and when we got taken over I thought it was a huge positive boost for the club, everything changed for the better and we became a club that can challenge for anything. Yes we get stick for 'buying the league' but the fact our billionaire owners need more money is shameful. As a fan of football l cannot fathom the fact they have joined this 'plastic' league and leave everything we have built in the last few years behind without consideration for the fans, teams below us and potentially the players. #notmyclub

  17. I agree. The fact that it’s closed and the “founding” clubs can not be relegated is my only objection. If you’re going to allow clubs to earn the right to join the super league, than any team in this new format should be eligible to be relegated. If it were formatted this way then I wouldn’t care. But I can’t get get behind it because it’s not.

  18. Graham you sound like a loyal guy mate and good on you. But take it from a Cardiff City fan (think the rebrand to red), for every hardcore fan theres 2 plastics waiting.

  19. My objection is the power goes from a world football body trying to expand grassroots and being compelled or aware of their cultural importance and power to combat racism etc. – and it'll be instead a private bunch of billionaires with ties to horrifying governments keeping everything quiet and nothing changes.

  20. If they make it so the so called founders can be some how relegated and everyone has to earn there place into it then I'll accept it.

    Wait that sounds like the current champions league form!

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