DLS21 the birth! #dreamleague soccer ⚽️ #DLS HD

28 April 2021 - 2:17 am

DLS21 the birth! #dreamleague soccer ⚽️ #DLS

#DLS # DLS21 #dreamleague.

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  1. Pro your captain is midfielder cm means midfielder cB means defender cf means striker Lp means right back defender because he have speed and tackle RB means liftback defender because he also have speed and tackle wf means winger and striker for example player Messi and Ronaldo and Rm means liftback and right back midfielder because he have more speed

  2. Now you in Amateur division and next division 4 and division 3 and division 2 and division 1 and Elite division and legendary division and international cup and diamond Cup and unlimited Cup challenge .

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