Arsenal 0-1 Everton | Kroenke Out & Arteta’s On Thin Ice! (DT) Goals Core

28 April 2021 - 2:58 am

Arsenal 0-1 Everton | Kroenke Out & Arteta’s On Thin Ice! (DT)

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  1. As a United fan, the only good thing to come out of this ESL rubbish is Woodward leaving. It would be so good to have the glazers go as well. Unfortunately I think it’ll be a bit longer before that happens. I hope Arsenal fans get what they want in regards to getting rid of their owners.

  2. DT get him!!! Robbie letting the attack dog out haha but as a Manchester United fan I really enjoy AFTV good or bad results during a Gunners game. They have quality fans, with real football passion. Been watching FanTV for a long time huge follower of fulltimedevils “Stretford Paddock” the martial put out by you guys on topics football is always gold! Keep up the good work 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  3. Arsenal might need to outsource the emirates next season and use it to graze livestock next season so as to pay their players lol 😂
    No ESL no Europe man

  4. I’m a Leeds fan and enjoy watching AFTV for the positive and negative opinions from results. What parlour did was an organised attack on AFTV. Nothing short of a disgrace! Keep up the good work.

  5. Arteta on thin ice… arsenal fans are just ridiculous! He’s been on thin ice for months… they somehow want to believe they can win europa league, but the don’t want to get caught up if they say arteta out and the win it

  6. John Henry for Lpool has earned himself til end of euros to make the necessary changes and moves to ensure that something like this never happens again, otherwise he can leave, kroenke and Glazier should leave immediately and can’t do anything to repair the damage done

  7. Arteta needs to go, simple !! he cant keep running on this "trust the process" for longer when we are in a worst position in the table, out of the FA cup, and there are higher chances of us going out of Europa league too in the semifinals 🙂
    Chelsea, Tottenham are above us in the table and yet they did fire their managers when things were not going on how they wanted !! if any clubs have a process then it is WestHam and Everton and that is because they have hired proper managers 🙂

  8. Well, seems like my support for AFTV and Arsenal fans as a Liverpool fan was far too spicy for youtube, so let me rephrase: all the best in the fight for your club´s soul and I´m absolutely disgusted with the way talksport treated Robbie, who just works very hard to give news to his fellow fans, and most importantly, give them a voice to speak their mind, for better for worse. talksport showed exactly what MSM is about. Good luck.

  9. I love AFTV and you’re the man, Robbie. It was infuriating to see what I saw today. Discord and anger outside and a shitty performance inside. Something needs to change. We’re better than this.

  10. You guys are the closest to Mikel Arteta could you atleast check up on a player called JESPER KARLSSON and you will not regret.PLZ
    He plays in AZ Alkmaar and is very cheap and young.
    Atleast just read this message if at all your are not going to tell him

  11. Arteta's just been way too unconsistent this season, he made a couple of great performances against Sheffield and Slavia, but then 2 awful performances against Fulham and Everton, I think he would need to make it to Europe competition next season if he wants to stay but also if he's to stay next season he needs to be more reliable and consistent

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